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May 06, 2002

The Mother's Day Stories

When I was growing up, I had friends with very nice mothers. But that didn’t mean I wanted to eat the sandwiches they made. There’s something about the way your own mom makes a sandwich that makes all other sandwiches taste kind of weird.

Now that I’m grown up, I will eat sandwiches that other mothers have made. I’ll eat them gladly, for it means that I don’t have to do any cooking. What’s more, I’m starting to realize that the sandwiches might taste different, but when you get down to it, sandwiches are all just good stuff between two slices of bread.

And so it is with mothers. We have different favorite memories of our moms, but the important stuff is all the same. Our mothers loved us beyond reason or comfort. They put our needs before theirs. They weren’t perfect, but we learned from their mistakes. They made us laugh. They dried our tears. They filled our bellies. And those of us who are mothers are doing our best to do the same.

Here are your favorite memories of your moms and step-moms. I loved reading them, and hope you find yourselves feeling as inspired as I did.

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