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May 22, 2006

An interview with a 5-year-old about gender

I am lucky enough to be a contributor in an incredible anthology for mothers called It's a Girl: Women Writers on Raising Daughters.

My piece, which I read at a bookstore on Friday, is about my reluntance to embrace my inner (and outer) girl. By far, the person who has helped me do that most is Lucy.

As the interview below shows, my 5-year-old has already got it all figured out.

So what do you think about being a girl?
I like it because I have a sister. I like to be a sister.

What do good sisters do?
Play and be generous. Like, we have fun, we say nice words, we do stuff like that. And I sometimes even help my parents.

Do you think boys and girls are equally smart?
Yes, I do.

What would you be like if you were a boy?
Ennhhh. I wouldn’t like being a boy because then we would not have Girl Party.

What’s special about Girl Party?
We get to have fun. We have popcorn. We bake cookies. Ride on Lash (our bouncy horse), and stuff like that.

What would a Boy Party be like?
Well, just sitting around and not doing anything.

So girls do more?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Do you see any use for boys at all?
Well, I like to chase my daddy around.

What else?
And I like to have fun with them. I like to climb all over them. (Editor's Note: Oh my God, not this. Not this early!)

What’s the biggest difference between boys and girls?
Boys have short hair and they have different voices than girls.

Can boys and girls do anything differently?
Some boys are faster than girls, some girls are faster than boys, and some are just the same.

If you were a boy, what would you be like?
I would have straight curly hair. Like this. (Hides hair in ponytail.) And my name would be Jackson. And I would have blue eyes. And I could sound like this (very nasal).

When you grow up, what are you going to be?
A mommy. Because I want to have children. Because the mommy has the top part of the kids and the dad only has the legs. I want to have like 18 kids. Please, Mom?

We’ll see.

* * *

Andrea J. Buchanan is the editor of It's a Boy and It's a Girl. She also wrote Mother Shock and co-edited the Literary Mama anthology. Be sure to check her out online!

To buy It's a Girl or It's a Boy, follow the links below.


Blogger Kim Moldofsky said...

LOL at your interview. Your daughter wasn't so far off with her Boy Party comment. After attending a (girl) cousin's bat mitvah party, complete with a DJ and lots of dancing, my 7 year-old wondered about his boy cousin's upcoming bar mitzvah party. He explained: "I don't think they'll be any dancing. I think they will just stand around playing Game Boy."

8:03 PM  
Blogger Martha Brockenbrough said...

Oh, those poor boys. {snort}

8:36 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

My son is almost four and he greatly prefers to play with the girls at school. Loves the dolls, toy kitchen, etc. The game boys and super hero stuff just leaves him cold!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Jessica A Bruno said...


Love your latest entry on here. What happen to photos of Lucy and Alice now?

Thank you.


9:45 AM  
Blogger MollyMom103 said...

Hi Martha! Here are some thoughts from a 8-year-old boy. He doesn't like girls expect for Jubilee (teenaged sister) and Tashi (2nd grade hottie). Sisters are good because they will get you stuff. A boy party is all about the candy. Girls are useful because they can have babies. Girls and boys are different because girls do kind things and boys shoot stuff. And this particular 8-year-old plans to be a movie maker. Duh.

Thanks for all the fun!

4:02 PM  
Blogger Kelsey said...

I found this site looking up what happened on this day in history and loved one of your articles on msn. I love this interview! You got one smart little girl!!

5:51 PM  

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